Brazilian Waxing – How To Make The Most of It

Brazilian waxing is a concept that has become popular especially in this age where physical appearance is so important. Despite this popularity many people are still unaware about this grooming service. Many people hear the term frequently and wonder what is Brazilian waxing. A simple answer to this query is that it is really a pubic hair removal method.

The appeal of this type of hair removal service lies in the fact that it offers a quick and efficient way of removing body hair. It removes hair with a closeness that is reputed to be way better than what razors and tweezers provide. The smoothness that clients report after the service far exceeds that experienced through shaving and tweezing.

This hair removal method got its name from its inventors. The techniques used in Brazilian waxing were first practiced by a group of Brazilian born sisters. Providers prepare the area being targeted by applying a talcum powder. The area is then coated with hot wax. Cloth strips are then applied to the area while the wax is still warm. After the wax has cooled, the cloth is pulled off and it is this step that detaches the hair, which during the cooling process has become fastened to the cloth strip. Understandably also, it is this step that introduces the pain.

How to Avoid or Reduce Pain During Brazilian Waxing

You can avoid or reduce the pain experienced during a Brazilian waxing session by following a few pre-wax tips.

1) Time the appointment carefully.

Women should avoid appointments when a period is pending since the skin tends to be more sensitive during that time.

2) Allow a little hair growth to occur between waxing sessions.

The lower the hair the more painful the procedure. Half an inch is ideal. But don’t allow too much time for hair growth. Hair that has grown too much will have to be trimmed prior to the session to minimize pain.

3) Avoid close fitting clothing

Be wary of the potential problems that sometimes accompany this type of service. Bumps, irritation and ingrown hair are sometimes experienced after the service. These uncomfortable after effects can be avoided though. One important tip to minimize the discomfort is to avoid close fitting clothing. These items tend to rub against the skin irritating it and triggering bumps.

To avoid and minimize potential post-wax complications, ensure that the service provider being used is certified and licensed. Practitioners who are operating in adherence to the industry regulations are more likely to offer post-wax service recovery. They also tend to be well trained and more professional in their approach.

Brazilian waxing can be painful and costly. It can also trigger dermatological problems when not done properly. But the benefits are superbly priceless. Now that you have explored a comprehensive response to the question, ‘what is Brazilian waxing?’ you can make an informed decision about whether this is the hair removal method that suits your needs. Of course, the next question you have in mind is ‘how to choose a good brazilian waxing salon‘.

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